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GMAS Individual Report

The Georgia Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) is a free online tool developed by the Georgia Department of Education allowing parents and students to access student’s historical academic data. The Georgia’s SLDS Parent/Student Portal is available through CCPS’s Infinite Campus Parent/Student Portal.


Using the SLDS Parent/Student Portal helps parents and students access historical Georgia public school data on their academics as far back as 2006-2007.


Parents and students can get to Georgia’s SLDS Parent/Student Portal inside Infinite Campus, our district’s parent/student website. Parents and students will need to request access to their district’s parent/student website prior to accessing Georgia’s SLDS Parent/Student Portal.

Parents and students can access the Georgia SLDS Parent/Student Portal by following these steps:

1. Log in to their Infinite Campus Parent or Student Portal (parent/student) website.

2. Click on More, scroll down to Quick Links

3. Click the SLDS Parent/Student Portal link under Quick Links

4. After clicking the SLDS Parent/Student Portal link, the Parent/Student Portal landing page will open.

Students will only see their name, however, if a parent has more than one child in the district’s portal, you should see a dropdown box containing the name of one of your children. Clicking on the arrow to the right of the child’s name will show all additional children’s names (if the district has the siblings grouped together as a family).

5. Click the Performance Tab on the menu bar or the tiles to view or move from one data area to another:


6. Then click on Downloadable Reports.

The Downloadable Reports section displays any individual student reports that are available to

view and download for the student that you selected. If there are any Georgia Milestones Reports available to view, you will see the words Georgia Milestones Report (ISR) along with a number in a circle. That number indicates the number of reports that are available to view.

7. Click on the blue circle with the down arrow to download the ISR.



Home Button: Will always return you to your “Home” or landing page

Performance: This page provides information on your student, including:

Attendance history (a student’s reported absences from each Georgia public school)

Lexiles (a measure of a student’s reading level, which is pulled from a student’s English (ELA) state assessment)

Statewide test results (PreK, GKIDS, EOC, EOG, GAA, Access)

Local Assessment (MAP)

Growth Percentiles (available on students in 5th grade and above that have taken two or more years of assessments in a single subject area).

Resources: This page provides a student’s current schedule. Clicking a gold key to the left of a student’s class will provide resources aligned to the course standards. Parents and

Adapted from Georgia Department of Education CCPS September 7, 2022• Page 3 of 3

students can also search for resources for other subjects and grade levels.

Keenville: Keenville is a game-based testing tool which teachers of 1st and 2nd grade students can use to help find strength and weakness in Math and Language Arts (Reading).

Students in 1st & 2nd grade will be greeted by our friends, the Keens on Planet Peachy

Keen. The Keens live in Keenville and want to help Georgia’s youngest learners grow and learn important reading and math skills.

My Career Plan: My Career Plan provides middle and high school students an easy way to get to sites to explore and plan their careers. It also helps to ensure students are meeting the requirements of the state’s Bridge Law. Parents & students can download the Personal Learning Plan, which shows what students have done within My Career Plan, as well as view a student’s overall progress.

Logout: When finished in the Parent/Student Portal, users should always click the Logout button to complete the session.